What exactly is your metabolism map?

My Your metabolism map is the best way to learn the metabolic pathways needed to succeed in undergraduate biochemistry, integrative nutritional & biochemistry courses, and the biochemistry sections on the MCAT.

Physically it is a 32 by 24 lamented study guide w/ the outline and integration of metabolic pathways. The framework of the pathways are filled out and a handful of enzymes and substrates so that you know what to do. However, the vast majority of the details are left out for you to fill in.

  • e.g It gives you the framework to understand he pathway by which fructose contributes to de novo lipogenesis but leaves the details to be filled in by you.
    • It is erasable so you are able to work your way through the pathways as often as you would like.


What pathways will I learn?

Glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, fructose metabolism, amino acid metabolism (including transamination and deamination) the pentose phosphate pathway, de novo lipogenesis, lipolysis, beta-oxidation, ketogenesis, ketolysis, alcohol metabolism, the TCA cycle, and the electron transport chain.

It will help you to memorize understand the beautifully intricate way that metabolism integrates.

The framework includes the ability to fill in substrates, products, enzymes, coenzymes, cofactors, activation, deactivation, and allosteric regulation.

If I buy a metabolism map, what comes with it?

Your map, 4 different colored fine-tip dry erase markers, a key for filling it out and a 15-minute appointment with Jackson explaining how best to use your map to meet your particular needs & goals.

Who uses the map?

Pre-med students, dietetics students, students trying to ace biochemistry, and credentialed clinicians such as RDs and PAs looking to stay fresh on the biochemistry that is fundamental to their practice.

Why can’t I save $50 and just make my own?

You certainly can and one could argue that doing so would be the ultimate way to study.

What do I do when I am done using the map?

Some fellow nerds use it as wall decor, while others pass it onto underclass(wo)men. We appreciate both and certainly won’t be offended about the latter. Indeed,  the more metabolism is understood the richer our disciplines of medicine and nutrition will become.

Is this all I need to do well on my MCAT, biochemistry final or nutrition test ?

No. This is a tool meant to complement your lecturer. As described here & here, this will give you the framework to build your deep understanding from.

Do you offer a refund if it doesn’t help me?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with your metabolism map, drop us a note in the contact section and we will get you a complete refund.