Hi all,

2020 update – I will be attending the University of Washington School of Medicine as a part of the WWAMI Wyoming cohort. When time permits, I will continue to contract with Vida Health.


Growing up a hockey player, I was a terrible student who barely graduate high school and took college algebra 5x. Friends would be glad to tell ya I don’t fall into the classic smart paradigm.

14470431_10157442706350468_6409878380655795078_nI also have two MCAT scores (1,2) that pre-med advisors love to say will l get me into the Ivy League medical school of choice.

What changed?

Understanding and applying the learning theory of cognitive scaffolding; we learn in layers, not chunks.


If I can do well in Biochemistry (3) and on the MCAT w/ historically pathetic ability and study habits, you should be able to do pretty damn well yourself with the right tools.

Since Learning how to Learn  in 2015, I have gained much teaching/tutoring experience*:

  • Supervised college teaching of  Principles of Human Physiology
  • Peer educator for Human Nutrition and Integrative Metabolism
    • The Institute for Learning and Teaching at Colorado State University recognized me with the “Dynamic Educator” Award May of 2016 (4).
  • Neuroscience Outreach Educator with the Institute of Cognitive Science at University of Colorado
  • Private tutor Integrative Metabolism
  • Private MCAT tutor with Altius Test Prep

I am glad to have the opportunity to work with folks like yourself who are dedicating their lives to fixing the problem of our generation. In the mean time, let’s do really effing well on our respective tests.

My best in health & studies,



  1. 2016 MCAT mcat1
  2. 2019 MCAT mcat2(drop us a note in the contact if you are interested in strategies to score in the 100% percentile on the Psychological, Social & Biological Foundations of Behavior section of the MCAT)
  3. Biochemistry & Integrative Metabolism grades grades
  4. Dynamic Educator AwardIMG_0744.jpeg


*Unfortunately, I cannot take on private MCAT, biochemistry or nutrition students at this time. If this is something of interest for 1/1/2020 and beyond please drop me a note in the contact section and I will be in touch.