Learning to learn

What is learning?

  • A million dollar question.

I think the image above can tell you more about how to learn than we come across the first ~18 years of our lives.

Generally, we are introduced to chunks of information in depth at one time.

  • Chapter 1 is about X
  • Chapter 2 is about Y
  • Chapter 3 is about Z

Then at the end of the section the teach sums it up with a general overview. THAT IS BACKWARDS!

At the end of the semester you are expected to know how X,Y, & Z are related in a cumulative test. That is equivalent to painting the forehead, then down to the chin, then the neck and body.

It doesn’t drive semantic networks.

We need to know the general idea, the big picture, the outline before we can fill in the details.

We learn by way of connecting the dots. We learn by seeing the big picture first, then by focusing on smoothing out the details.

Learning is just a series of associating novel concepts with something we already grasp.

20% is the place to start, not the forehead.

This was my method when I made my first metabolism map. It has been refined.

Think of your metabolism map as the 20% picture. The outline is there. The structure. You get to 100% by filling in the details yourself.

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