Metabolism Map – the origin story

The Metabolism Map was originally designed to help excel in an applied biochemistry course, Integrative Metabolism. The operational word here, integrative. The crux of the class is  the ability to recognize how metabolic pathway are connected and affect one another.

However, the classic way of studying was to draw these things out of separate pieces of paper. This didn’t work for me (or many others). I wanted to see integrative metabolism.

The approach has helped countless students to graduate and was the study method of choice for top students in the class the last two semester. The principles of synthesizing concepts and taking a big picture approach were also what I used to score a 515 & 518 on the MCATs. A score a high enough to get me into any medical school of my choice.


400 level courses and things like studying for the mcat require a different approach



100 and 200 level courses are spent in the comp and knowledge levels. 300 start to get into application and analysis.

400 level applied biochemistry and studying for the mcat you better be ready to synthesis and evaluate. there will be things to memorize but in general, synthesis, is the key.

Your Metabolism Map gives you the framework needed to synthesis your understanding of metabolic pathways and develop a conceptual story that you can use to skin the mCAT or ace your biochemistry test.

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