The Big Picture

Taking our Map analogy for all it is worthwhile. If I asked you to draw a picture of the United States including the states and capitals, what would be the best way to go about it.

clipartbest-com-qlydgt-clipart  united-states-vector-outline-clipart-best-klmcis-clipart



You would start with tracing the outline of the entire country. You would then fill in the states, and finally the capitals.

i.e big picture outline —> divide up smaller sections —> fill in the details.
Unfortunately we are generally shown the reverse. We are given many little details and if we are lucky at some point towards the end, we finally get to see the big picture.
Your Metabolism Map is your big picture. Your outline of the United States. It is not the end all be all in your pursuits. It is however, the outline you need to stay within the lines, and your guide towards filling in all of the details.

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