A lovely challenge

The MCAT does not: define who you are as a premed student, determine your potential competency as a physician, or dictate whether or not you can pursue medicine.


The MCAT is the best proxy available for determining our ability to synthesis concepts and apply them in novel fashion. It forces us to determine what is important and trivial information.

As future practitioners of the healing arts, there is not a more worthwhile skill set to develop than the aforementioned.

The operational term is developed.

The study habits that got you by in high school may have sufficed for freshman level chemistry and bio where again you simply regurgitated information from slides onto exams.

But I damn well can guarantee this same techniques did not get your through Organic Chemistry or Physiology. You were forced to adapt your study habits to meet the situation at hand.

This again happens when we study for the MCAT. Call it ego or whatever you please but for whatever reason those sitting for the exam often don’t. They relied on the tried and true methods that got them through undergraduate.

To do well on the MCAT you must change your approach.

The MCAT is a lovely challenge that forces us to adapt our technique and work to see the big picture.


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